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Professor Per Persson, the former head of advanced education for the Swedish Nuclear Power Companies - KSU - and Professor in Reactor Technology - Royal Institute of Technology has joined the Board of Senior Advisors



CX Centflux AB a newly started company with focus on the Nuclear Power Industry. Founded by Lars Fjellstrom and Ulf Borjeson, both MSc in Nuclear Technology - KTH - and with many years in the Nuclear Industry.

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CX Centflux Awarded Certificate of Nordic Nuclear Utility Pre-Qualification System



  • Peak Oil - cause a revivel of the worlds nulear power industry


Peak Oil – the oil production of the western world has come to a peak

Year 2005 the world crued oil production peaked. Subsequently the oil production decreased during the years of 2006 and 2007.

Throughout modern history there have been years when oil production has decreased however each time it has recovered quite rapidly.

The oil consumption increased during 2003-2005 with approximately 2 million barrels a day, mainly due to the economic growth and industrialization of the BRIC countries – Brazil, India and China. Brazil’s middleclass grew with 20 percent under 2007 while China’s population bought 125 000 new cars per month.

Society has predicted that the economic growth rates of 2-3 percent per year will continue. Predictably the oil consumption will hence increase linearly with the BRIC countries economies. This means that the world’s increased energy consumption and the decreasing oil production somehow has to find new solutions!


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  • Quality


In addition to today's standards like ISO, PMI or ANSI have many philosophers written about the quality concept.


Quality originates from the Latin and can be translated with the english word "What?". As well as for the word Quantity that can will tell us of "How many?".


The old greek Emulatio stated "a good debate to develop quality does not require mutual understanding and agreement thou but disonance and a meeting with between different aspects and perspectives - a dialogue."


Other thinkers have said:

- "Good quality needs skill, care and time for create and produce."

- Quality shall be judged out of the quastions: "from whom's perspective", "for who" and "for what"?

- "To form an opinion of a products quality can be done by focus and inspect it's details."


- "It is not the design process that guarantee a product's good quality. But the design process will support  to create and produce the decided quality. The final result will be audit by relevant measurements and  tests."



  • Work:


CX is continuesly searching for new team members to join us.

Our consultants experience good personal development in our company's good mixture of age and skills in Nuclear Power Technology.


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  • Thesis


Our senior advisors have a requirement to do research within the field of Nuclear Power.


Therefore will CX  sponsor papers and recommend subjects for thesis with close relation to the industry's demand.


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